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Electric Power

Substation Communications
for use in Harsh Environments

Utility Grade Networking

Trends in electric utility automation, specifically substation automation, have converged upon a common communications architecture with the goal of having interoperability between a variety of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) found in the substation. The resulting international standard, known as IEC 61850, began in the late 1980s and was driven by major North American utilities, under the technical auspices of EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute). The network architecture currently being adopted worldwide by utilities and IED vendors alike utilizes a common underlying technology — Ethernet.

Compact Modular Hot-Swappable Layer 3 Switch and Router


Utility Grade Products for the Substation Environment

RuggedCom has the industry's most complete product basket of Networking Devices designed specifically for the substation environment. The above network architecture illustrates the range of products available in the context of an IEC 61850 substation. Other network architectures such as ring or star topologies, or a hybrid topology, are also easily accommodated.

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